Tech Swiss Double Watch Winder Review

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Tech Swiss has produced a double watch winder that is specially designed to automatically wind larger watches that are typically heavy. As with all automatic winders, the natural motion of the human wrist is simulated by the watch winder so that your watches will always be wound and ready for you to wear. The glass front allows you to look at the watches and the overall effect is one of opulence with a black leather interior and carbon fiber finished wood exterior that would grace a bedroom dresser with ease. It is an all in one storage, winding and display solution.

The Tech Swiss watch winder runs on AC power via a power adapter and two turntables that can be programmed separately. The settings are pre-programmed, however you can select the direction and number of turns per day for each winder in line with the winding requirements of your individual watches. Directional settings include either clockwise, counter-clockwise or two bi-directional settings. You can choose from three rotational settings which include 800, 1400, 1600 rotations per day.

The winder is roomy inside and features a Japanese made motor in each of the two winders. One welcome feature is its silent operation so your slumbers will remain undisturbed.

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Features of the Tech Swiss Double Winder

Design – a double winder suitable for winding heavy watches by way of a Japanese motor

Materials – the body is wood with a carbon fiber finish and glass front while the inside is black leather.

Directional Settings – 4 pre-programmed directional modalities have been included. They are clockwise, counter-clockwise as well as bi-directional setting that you can select depending on the requirements of your watches.

Pre-set Rotation Settings – there are 3, being 800, 1400, 1600 rotations per day and you select the one that best suits your particular watch.

Watch Holder Mount – this is adjustable and has been designed to fit most watch band sizes, particularly large ones

Glass Front – is lockable and is large enough to provide an excellent viewing platform for your watches

Power – uses AC power and an AC adapter is included for your operating convenience

Operating Manual – is included so you can immediately work with the settings


Measures: 8″H x 10 3/4″W x 8 3/4″ D
Item No: TSW200CF
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Tech Swiss Rear View

What’s Great About the Tech Swiss Double Watch Winder?

  • See-through display is very large
  • Comes with 2 motors that operate independently
  • Operates with no noise
  • Attractive carbon fiber finish with a leather interior
  • Comes with clockwise, counter-clockwise, clockwise & bi-clockwise alternating settings
  • Has a lock and two keys

What’s Not so Great

  • No handle for the see-through display other than the key
  • Limited TPD settings

Customer Feedback and Reviews

A few customers have left feedback for the Tech Swiss Watch Winder and they give it an above average rating. Things they like about it include its general appearance, silent operation, choice of settings and large see-through display.

Customers also like the price point for this type of watch winder. One of the customers had issues with the winder making noise after a couple of weeks when used with a heavy watch. To read more about the Tech Swiss Double Watch Winder, you can find customer feedback here.

The Tech Swiss Double Watch Winder in Black Carbon is available on Amazon and you can check for the latest price here. If you are in the market for a dual watch winder for larger, heavy-duty watches, this winder from Tech Swiss is a reasonably priced and attractive option.

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