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Heiden Quad Watch Winder

The Heiden Quad Watch Winder is one of six quad winders currently produced by Heiden and represents the quality that customers have come to expect from Heiden. If you’re a collector or enthusiast of automatic watches, you know the importance of keeping your timepieces wound and ready to wear. The Heiden Quad Watch Winder is a top-of-the-line option for anyone who needs to wind and store multiple watches. Handcrafted by Heiden, a company known for producing high-quality watch winders, this quad winder is both attractive and functional. Its black leather exterior with white stitching is a stylish addition to any watch collection, and the clear top allows you to see your watches at all times.

One of the standout features of the Heiden Quad Winder is its versatility. It has been designed to work with all major watch brands, and its pre-programmed settings make it easy to use with various automatic watch models. Plus, with a separate motor for each watch, you can set each individually for the ultimate customization. Despite having four motors running simultaneously, the quad watch winder operates quietly so that it won’t disturb your sleep or peace of mind.

Features of the Heiden Quad Watch Winder

Design – an attractive multiple automatic winder with a clear lid

Winders – each winder can be individually set to either clockwise counter clockwise or bi-directional, depending on how you want to maintain your watches.

Watch Pillows – these are removable and provide comfortable pillowing for your watches

Capacity – will wind up to 4 watches

Large Watches – if your watches are large, the Heiden will suit you as it can accommodate large watches.

Storage – provides a great way to store your watches, particularly as you can only wear one at a time.

Power – a power adapter is included for your convenience.

Attractive – features black leather with white stitching and will provide an attractive addition to the decor of the room where you choose to place it, but generally, they are placed on a dresser in your bedroom.


  • Measures: 22.8 x 16.4 x 11.3 inches
  • Item No: hd014
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

What’s Great About the Heiden Quad Winder?

  • Can wind and store multiple watches at once: One of the main benefits of the Heiden Quad Watch Winder is its ability to wind and store multiple watches at once. This is especially useful for collectors or enthusiasts who own several automatic watches and need a convenient and efficient way to keep them all wound and ready to wear. 
  • Attractive and stylish design: The Heiden Winder is not only functional, but also attractive and stylish. Its black leather exterior with white stitching adds a touch of luxury to any watch collection, and its sleek design is sure to complement any decor.
  • Clear top allows for visibility of watches: One of the standout features of the Quad Winder is its clear top, which allows for visibility of the watches being stored and wound. This is a great feature for collectors who want to be able to easily view their watches at all times, or for those who simply enjoy the aesthetic appeal of their watch collection. 
  • Versatile and compatible with major watch brands: The winder is versatile and compatible with major watch brands, making it a great option for collectors and enthusiasts of automatic watches. The company has designed the winder to work with a variety of watch models, ensuring that it can be used with almost any automatic watch in your collection.
  • Customization options with separate motors for each watch: In addition to its versatility and compatibility with major watch brands, the Heiden winder also offers customization options with separate motors for each watch. This allows you to set each watch individually, ensuring that you can wind each timepiece to your specific preferences.
  • Quiet operation: The watch winder operates quietly, making it a great option for those who are sensitive to noise or want to keep their winding process as discreet as possible. With four motors running at the same time, the quad watch winder could potentially be noisy, but it has been designed to run quietly, ensuring that it won’t disturb your sleep or peace of mind. 

Potential Drawbacks

Customization options: While the Heiden Quad Watch Winder does offer customization options with separate motors for each watch, it may not be as customizable as some users would like. The winder has pre-programmed settings that may not be suitable for all watch models or winding preferences, and it may not allow for as much flexibility as some users would like. This could be a drawback for those who want complete control over their watch winding process and prefer a more customized approach.

Size: The winder is designed to hold and wind four watches at a time, which may be too many for some collectors who only own a few automatic watches. The size of the winder may also be an issue for those who have limited space.

Power source: The quad watch winder requires an AC power source in order to operate, which may be inconvenient for some users. It cannot be powered by battery or any other type of power source, so it must be plugged in to a wall outlet in order to function.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

At the time of writing, quite a few customers have left excellent reviews for the Heiden Quad Watch Winder. Things they like about it include its quality, excellent value for money as well as the reputation of the manufacturer. Customer feedback for the Heiden watch winder is overwhelmingly positive, with many praising its quality, style, and customization options. Most users seem to be very satisfied with their purchase and would recommend the quad watch winder to others. To see more of what customers had to say, you can read the latest reviews on Amazon here.

RecommendationThe Heiden Quad Watch Winder is available for purchase online, latest price on Amazon is available here. While there are a decent number of reviews for this quad winder, customers are pleased with its performance and feel it is a quality product at an excellent price. Heiden is also a reputable brand with a good track record so on this basis, we are pleased to recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quality winder that can wind four watches at once.



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