Kendal Double Automatic Wood Watch Winder Review

kendal double watch winder review

Anyone looking for a dual watch winder might like to consider the Kendal Double Automatic Wood Watch Winder as a competitively priced option. It will keep your watches fully wound so they are always ready to use. Connoisseurs of fine watches will appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into the sixty day construction process, part of which includes a hand polished high quality gloss finish to the solid cherry wood exterior.

The dual winder runs very quietly and is powered by an AC adapter however it can also run on two AA batteries if required. The winder includes a storage compartment for three additional watches and the entire unit can be locked if necessary. This is a traditional looking wooden watch winder that will complement any bedroom decor.

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Features of the Kendal Watch Winder

Design – a winder for winding two watches simultaneously, ensuring flexibility and versatility in managing the winding process

Finish – a high gloss finish produced by hand polishing

Modes – there are 3 modes of fuzzy-logic computer controlled winding that you can select

Storage Compartment – there is a frontal compartment area where it is possible to store another three watches

Lock – the winder can be locked via a locking device if necessary and this is a benefit if you are travelling

Timer – winding is controlled by a computer controlled timer so that winding is always flawless

Base – can rotate so that accessing the watches is easy

Configurable Watch Retention Cushions – are provided to accommodate ladies and men’s watches

Motor – Quiet Japanese motor

Power – 2 C batteries are required or you can use the AC adapter that is included


Body – is solid cherry wood with a fine finish

Interior – is a high quality deluxe silsuede


Measures: 9.2 x 8 x 7 inches
Weighs: 6.5 pounds
Item No: W2+3cherry-a

Kendal double watch winder

What’s Great About the Kendal Double Watch Winder?

  • Runs very quietly
  • Battery option
  • Comes with multiple settings
  • Good quality
  • Has a high quality finish

What’s Not So Great

  • It is quite large

Customer Feedback and Reviews

At the time of writing, there were an exceptional number of reviews from customers for the Kendal Double Automatic Wood Watch Winder. We rate this winder with a 4 out of 5 stars. Features that customers liked about this double winder include its quality finish, the dual power option with AC adapter and batteries, as well as the fact that it runs very quietly. Some customers had scratched cases and some of their watches would not fit correctly. The remaining customers felt it is priced to reflect value for the money. To read more about what customers had to say, you can read their reviews here.

The Kendal Double Automatic Wood Watch Winder is available on Amazon and you can check for the latest price here. Customers were generally impressed with this double watch winder and felt it was priced appropriately. Based on review and customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend this great looking watch winder.

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Orbita Sparta Deluxe Two Watch Winder Review

Orbita Sparta Two Watch Winder
Orbita Sparta

The ORBITA Sparta Deluxe Watch Winder is great for anyone who values quality in their watches will also value quality in a winder and this double watch winder is the perfect companion for expensive watches.

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One of its outstanding features is the patented ROTORWIND system which mimics the swinging action of a wrist instead of a direct rotation movement. This benefits the watch’s longevity. This feature sets these winders apart from other standard winders. The movement is provided via two programs, being a standard ten minutes and an extended fifteen minute program. The drive motor makes one turn which causes the watch to swing over the course of several oscillations, mimicking the action of a wrist.

Another part of the ROTORWIND system involves a low-current draw-drive motor which requires only one revolution to produce several oscillations and results in power being used for a few seconds only, for each ten or fifteen minute cycle. This ensures a lengthy battery life. Lithium batteries also provide outstanding longevity with a five year minimum guarantee and if “made in the USA” is important to you, then you will be able to rest easy knowing that the Orbita Sparta Watch Winder is indeed made in the USA.

Features of the Orbita Sparta Watch Winder

  • Design – a quality, deluxe double watch winder
  • Exterior Case – is Burl Wood providing an attractive appearance
  • Interior Case – complements the exterior with an interior lining of luxurious suede
  • Movement – is designed to mimic the natural swing of wrist movements by way of the Rotorwind movement which is patented. It includes a ball-bearing construction and solid-state controls which work together to make sure the unit does not require maintenance and lasts for a long time
  • Programs – there are two, a ten minute program (standard) and a fifteen minute program (extended) providing variety and choice. These programs are closely linked to the Rotorwind movement system in that only a few seconds of power is required every ten or fifteen minutes to power the winder.
  • Batteries – these are lithium batteries which are guaranteed for a minimum of five years providing these are the batteries you use in your Sparta watch winder. Two of these batteries are required for successful operation of this watch winder. These batteries are linked to the performance of the Rotorwind movement as well as the winder’s programs.
  • Noise Level – is silent according to customers and is achieved by use of the Rotorwind movement system
  • Band Material/Band Color – Burl wood box
  • Band Width – 10.2 inches
  • Dial Color – is black

If you are looking for an Orbita single watch winder you can find our latest review here.

How does the Orbita Rotowind movement work?


  • Measures: 8 x 10.2 x 6 inches
  • Weighs: 9 pounds
  • Origin: USA
  • Item No: BURL W07013
  • Warranty: Two-year warranty for any defects in materials and/or workmanship. Optional extended warranty also available.

What’s Great About the ORBITA Winder?

  • Works perfectly runs quietly
  • Finish is beautiful
  • Functional
  • Reliable
  • Ideal for your heaviest and best watches
  • Worth the price
  • Well built
  • Batteries last a long time
  • Secure and delicate attachment to the watch pillow

What’s not so Great

  • Expensive, but Orbita makes quality watch winders


Customers that have provided feedback for the ORBITA Sparta Watch Winder have left stellar ratings. Things we like about the Orbita include its quiet operation, battery longevity, reliability and stunning appearance. We are also impressed by its obvious quality, as well as the gentle yet secure way the watch pillow holds the watch. To read more about what customers have to say about the winder, you can read all their reviews here.


The ORBITA Sparta Two Watch Winder is available on Amazon and you are welcome to check the latest price for it here. We are impressed with the overall quality and build of this double watch winder and while it is expensive, we feel it is worth the money. Based on customer feedback and our experience we are pleased to echo current customer opinion and recommend it as a great buy.

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Heiden Double Watch Winder Review

Heiden Double Watch Winder
Heiden Double Watch Winder

The Heiden Double Watch Winder in black leather with white stitching is an attractive, yet functional item with the capacity to apply separate rotational and directional settings to each watch. This dual winder comes with a power adaptor but is also able to be used with a battery pack which is available as a separate purchase.

This Heiden model has three directional settings for each winder as well as four rotational settings ranging from 650-1850 TPDs. It is suitable for accommodating large, oversized watches across a variety of brands and is considered to be a fairly advanced dual winder.

The exterior is made from high quality leather along with a glass front display area. It contrasts well with the gray velvet interior and can provide an attractive addition to any décor.

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Features of the Heiden Double Watch Winder

Design – A dual watch winder with separate settings for each watch
Power – is powered by a 120-220V power adapter that is included and additional flexibility included with the D sized battery compartments
Interior – is gray velvet and features soft watch pillows
Directional Settings – there are three, being clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional. Each of the two winders has these settings and each can be set differently to accommodate each watch.
Turns Per Day – there are four different TPDs settings (650-950-1250-1850). Again, each winder can be set separately.
Materials – high quality leather exterior with white stitching. The display top is glass for easy viewing. The interior is velvet.


1 x AC Power adaptor
1 x Dual watch winder

Tip – if you choose to use the battery pack, set the winders to the minimum setting to conserve battery power


Measures: 5 x 9.2 x 7.8 inches
Weighs: 5.3 pounds
Item No: HD10-leather
Warranty: Manufacturer 1 Year Warranty
Instruction manual / Settings

Heide Double Watch Winder Interior
Heide Double Watch Winder Interior

What’s Great About the Heiden Double Watch Winder?

  • Runs very quietly, almost silent
  • High quality winder
  • Watches fit securely on pillow mount and remain secure while rotating
  • Looks attractive
  • Good for large watches
  • Plenty of rotational and directional settings
  • Has separate controls for rotations and directions
  • Can apply different settings for each watch at the same time
  • Option battery pack is available for separate purchase
  • Flexibility to keep it in your closet with the battery if you don’t want it to be seen

What’s Not So Great

  • A few customers had issues with the winders not working out of the box and stripped screws, but these are in the minority

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This popular Heiden double winder has quite a few customer reviews and they give it an excellent rating. Things they like about it include its almost silent operation, sleek appearance together with build quality, ability to run on a battery pack if desired as well as the ability to use different rotational settings for each watch. Customers also feel it was a better product than other cheaper winders on the market.

A few of customers feel the quality was poor, however this was not the case for the majority of users. To read more about what customers have to say, you can read their reviews here.

The Heiden Winder is available from Amazon and you can check for the latest online price here. Customers were impressed with the quality of this dual watch winder and liked the option to purchase a battery pack to go with it, so as to increase the versatility of the winder. Based on customer feedback, we recommend this Heiden watch winder based on the reasonable price, past experience and customer reviews.

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Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder Review

Versa Double Watch Winder
Versa Double Watch Winder

The (Newly Updated) Versa automatic double watch winder is the perfect choice for those who need an automatic winder but don’t want to pay a high end price for one. It has been designed to suit a range of automatic watches, with the exception of Seiko Kinetic Watches. It is the ideal way to keep watches wound and ready to wear as required.

The design is unique in that the winder resembles a desktop speaker, that is, a vertical watch winder which can double as an interesting display piece. It features a built in smart controller that manages turns per day so that you can set a pattern of wind and rest in a number of repeatable cycles in either clockwise, counterclockwise, or bi-directional directions.

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Features of the Versa Double Watch Winder

  • Design – a dual watch winder from Versa
  • Color – black with matte black finish
  • Materials – Plastic gears and body for performance and to keep manufacturing costs down
  • Footprint – 6.5L x 5.5W x 10H inches
  • Watch Pillows – have a clear display cover and a spring action to ensure watches are easy to attach
  • Attachment – an attachment is included to fit onto the watch pillows so that larger watches can be fitted easily
  • Motor Settings – the winder motor has four settings for clockwise and counter-clockwise winding. Bi-directional settings are also available to provide a complete selection of winding options for a variety of watches.
  • Motors – are high in quality and run silently for a better user experience
  • Power Adapter – 110V power adapter is included for attachment to mains power
  • Turns Per Day –these are approximately 342-2160 TPD according the to the setting selected by the user so that a variety of watches are accommodated
  • Tip – this winder is NOT compatible with Seiko Kinetic Watches


  • Measures: 9 x 6 x 9.2 inches; 3 pounds
Versa double watch winder with door open
Access to watches
  • Brand: Versa
  • Brand Number: g015
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
  • What’s Great About the Versa Double Watch Winder?

    • Runs silently and smoothly
    • Comes with an adapter to accommodate larger watches
    • Great value for the price
    • Reliable and quiet
    • 4 settings on the number of rotations,
    • Runs clockwise and counterclockwise
    • Also runs both clockwise/counter options
    • Easy to install and just as easy to mount a watch

    What’s Not so Great

    • Has plastic gears
    • Not known for longevity

    Customer Feedback and Reviews

    At the time of writing, hundreds of customers have left excellent reviews for the Versa Watch Winder. Things they like about it include its value price, performance and quiet operation. It’s worth noting though, that almost half of the reviews mentioned an issue with the plastic gears, which either broke or caused the unit to make noise while operating. Even many five star reviews said as much, however they still felt the winder provided value for their money and would happily purchase another one. To read more about what customers thought, you can read their reviews here.

    The Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder is available from Amazon and you can find the latest price on Amazon here. It is definitely a popular buy with customers who appreciate its value price, as opposed to high end winders to do the same job, however customers should be clear about the longevity issues that are also present. Based on customer feedback, we recommend it on the basis that purchasers understand and are comfortable with its plastic gears and lack of longevity.

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    Wolf Designs Module 2.7 Roadster Double Watch Winder Review

    Wolf Winder roadster

    The Wolf Designs Double Watch Winder from the Roadster Collection has been designed to wind large watches and in addition to being a double winder, also has a storage compartment for additional watches. It has an attractive glass front cover so you can see your watches being wound, as well as a LCD screens that show countdown reminders. You can activate the LCD display by touching the control knobs or the chrome plate upon which they are mounted. There is also a chrome lock available to safely lock your watches.

    The overall effect of the black finish, glass cover and chrome knobs is attractive and modern. The Wolf winder runs on both AC power and batteries while being graced with an ebony Makassar wood faceplate and faux leather exterior. It features generous rotation options, turns per day and increments as well a secure fitting of watches onto the winder drums.

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    Features of the WOLF Roadster Double Watch Winder

    Design – an attractive double winder for large watches with a storage compartment and glass front

    Rotations – include clockwise, counter-clockwise as well as bi-directional. Rotations are incremental, ranging from 300-1200 turns per day in increments of 50.

    Delayed Start – a maximum of 72 hours delayed start is possible so as to permit the mainspring to completely unwind before the rotations begin.

    Watch Cuff – is best suited to larger watches that are a little heavier than average, being designed to securely lock into the winder drum

    LCD Display – is backlit and activated by touching either the chrome knobs or backing plate. It will stay lit for 10 seconds and shows the countdown of rotations that remain in a daily cycle.

    Materials – Ebony Makassar wood veneer faceplate, faux leather, glass front and chrome knobs

    Power – the Wolf runs on AC power via a 33V Adapter which is included, as well as D size batteries

    Storage Compartment – has been included in the top of the unit and will store three or four additional watches, depending on their size

    Travel Case – is included and is removable, with storage for 1 additional watch


    Measures: 7.5 x 17.7 x 9 inches
    Weight: 8.8 pounds
    Item No: 457256
    Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

    What’s Great About the Wolf Double Watch Winder

    • Easy to set upWolf Double Watch Winder
    • Attractive
    • Has chrome controls that are easy to use
    • Easy touch LCD
    • Has plenty of rotation combinations
    • Quality winding mechanisms are quiet
    • Runs on AC power or batteries
    • Has a storage compartment for additional watches
    • Comes with a locking mechanism

    What’s Not so Great

    • Watch cuffs are large – smaller bands may not fit well

    Customer Feedback and Reviews

    Customer feedback for the Wolf 2.7 Roadster Double Watch Winder is excellent and we rate this winder with a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Things customers like about it include the excellent quality of the winder, the option to use AC power or batteries, the extra storage compartment as well as the many options for rotations. To read more about what customers have to say, you can read the reviews here.

    The Wolf Designs Roadster Double Watch Winder is available online and you can find the latest price for it here. Keeping in mind that the Wolf is suited and designed for winding large watches, it is an excellent buy with quality winding mechanisms. Be aware of this, as well as the fact that the faceplate is a veneer so that you effectively match your expectations with what the WOLF winder has to offer. We are pleased to recommend it on the basis of customer experience.

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