How to Safely Store Your Watches

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When you own expensive watches, you want to take good care of them. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can do that. Keeping your watches clean, dry, and properly maintained all matter, but so does storing them. On a day you aren’t wearing your watch, it’s not good to just leave it lying on the dresser or anywhere else. Not only is it vulnerable to thieves that could break into your home, but even something simple such as the temperature and humidity levels in your home could affect it, too. If you have pets, that’s also a risk. Storing your watch is the right choice, and there are three main options to consider when deciding on the best way to store any expensive watches you have until you’re ready to wear them again.

Storing Your Watch in a Safety Deposit Box

Most banks have safety deposit boxes, and these are used to protect valuables from harm or theft. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your watch at home, or you don’t have a good place there to store it, a safety deposit box can be a good location. It may also be the right choice if you travel a lot, and don’t want to leave valuables in your home. But there are downsides to this particular watch storage option. The main one is that your watch will only be available to you during the hours the bank is open. If you need it at night or on the weekend, you can’t get to storage in a safety deposit box

Choosing this option means you’ll need to plan ahead and make sure you have your watch available anytime you want to wear it for a particular occasion. While that’s not a big problem for most people, it can be frustrating and annoying if you’re very busy or if you forget to set a reminder to get your watch before the bank closes. You also don’t get any control over the temperature of the bank, the humidity levels, or the level of security they provide. If there’s a break-in at the bank, your watch could be gone. Of course, you also run the risk of that happening if you keep your watch at home.

Should You Choose an In-Home Safe?

If you don’t want to leave your watch in a safety deposit box where you can’t get access to it all the time, you may want to consider an in-home safe. There are several different options for these safes, including those that mount to the floor, in the wall, and in other locations. Some also have watch winders integrated into the safe. There are portable safes, as well, but many people are concerned about using these because they can be picked up and carried away during a break-in rather easily. Generally, you’ll want to choose a safe that anchors to your home in some way, and that can be easily concealed.

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In-home safes come in a number of sizes and styles. Another important consideration with them is that they can’t be moved easily in case of a fire or a flood. You can get some that are fireproof or waterproof, but finding one that offers both levels of protection and can still be easily mounted and concealed in a home can be difficult. You may need to make modifications to your home in order to adequately accommodate the safe. That can work well for some people, but it’s not the right choice for everyone to make.

A Watch Winder/Watch Case Could Be the Answer

Watch winders and watch cases are also worth considering when you need to store expensive watches. Keep in mind that these are not as secure as safety deposit boxes or safes when it comes to protection against theft. However, they do keep a watch safe from dust, water, and other concerns that you might have if you left the watch out on a surface in your home. You can choose a case that simply protects the watch, or one that also winds it so it’s ready to use when you need and want it. Prices for these items vary greatly, depending on the brand and the style you’re looking for, as well as the features.

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There Are Combination Options to Consider

Don’t underestimate the value of a combination approach to storing your expensive watches. A watch winder stored in a safe, or a watch case in a safety deposit box, may be the right option for your needs. Only you can decide which choice feels the best and will give you an adequate level of protection while still making sure you have the access to your watch that you need and expect. With several choices available to you, there are plenty of reasons to consider all of your options before choosing a particular way to store and protect your expensive watches.