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The Heiden Monaco Single Watch Winder is a feature-rich, modern luxury that delivers quality performance. Some features, like the multiple TPD settings and variable direction settings make Heiden the standard in watch winders. It offers the convenience of battery or AC adapter operation and works almost silently so it doesn’t intrude on your peace and quiet.

The Monaco is made from high quality materials including cross stitched leather, a soft watch pillow, and soft gray linen on the interior that give the watch winder an elegant look. It works with either small or large wristbands. The watch winder implements the latest Japanese Mabuchi Motor and Gear design with zero magnetization to prevent damage to your watches.

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The Heiden Monaco has multiple settings with four turns-per-day at 650-950-1250, and 1850. The watch winder also has three direction settings including clockwise, counter clockwise or both. Combined, these settings provide twelve different setting combinations. The winder winds for approximately one minute before resting for 6.5 to 19 minutes. By not turning continuously, the watch winder doesn’t over-wind your watch.

Why Buy the Heiden Monaco Single Watch Winder

The Heiden brand offers a quality of design that other companies have tried and failed to duplicate. The features of the Monaco make it ideal for high-end watches that you don’t want to damage. The watch winder keeps your luxury watches wound and reduces wear and the need for repairs. Put your watch into the Heiden Monaco and leave it. When you’re ready to wear it again, everything will be as you left it, no resetting the time and date.

Heide Monaco - cover open
Heide Monaco - watch pillow
Heiden Monaco - Back Cover
Heiden Monaco - battery compartment

Who Should Buy This Product?

Anyone who cares about their luxury watch and wants to preserve the quality will benefit from the Monaco single-watch winder. Keeping an automatic watch running keeps the inner workings well-lubricated. This reduces the occurrence of repairs and extends the life of the watch. Even keeping up regular maintenance on high-end watches isn’t enough to improve durability.

The watch winder offers high-end quality at an affordable price. The Monaco provides a better selection of features and performance than similar products that cost a lot more.

Wind Yourself or Use This Product

Wearing your watch will keep it wound without the use of a watch winder. For watch enthusiasts with more than one automatic watch, this is virtually impossible. Some watch winders turn continuously, actually causing damage instead of preventing it. The Heiden Monaco takes care of your luxury watches when wearing them isn’t appropriate or when you’re wearing another one from your collection. 

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What Customers Say about the Monaco

Most customers rate the watch winder high for its versatility, performance, and quiet operation. The Japanese construction offers quality performance, durability, and quiet operation.

Customers like the versatility the watch winder offers and the various features they can adjust to meet their individual needs. The box holds average to oversized watches including the modern styles that don’t fit in standard watch winders. Dual powered operation lets you run the watch winder with two D-size batteries for up to three months or you can opt to use the AC adaptor. You never have to worry about a gap in operation because the batteries go dead.

The Heiden watch winder comes with a full 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Customers appreciate the exceptional value and the high-quality construction at an affordable price.

Does the Heiden have any Minor Downsides?

The watch winder isn’t compatible with Seiko Kinetic Watches. However, these watches are not recommended for use with any watch winder because of the difference in the watch mechanism from traditional automatic movement watches.

Another minor downside reported by a few customers is the short power cord. Most find that it is the ideal length to place the watch winder on a table or shelf near a power outlet. Also, people with really small wrists find the Monaco a little too large to accommodate their watches. The watch winder adjusts to fit watches of average to large size.

A single-watch winder is not the best choice for watch enthusiasts who own multiple automatic watches. If you need multiple winding capabilities, you can purchase a larger watch winder or multiple units.

Are Competing Products Worth Consideration?

Watch winders have been on the market for nearly as long as self-winding watches. There are many styles and brands available at a broad range of price points. Here are a few we can recommend:

CHIYODA Single Watch Winder - quality build featuring a wooden case and an acrylic organic glass display that permits viewing of your quality watch. This inexpensive winder features 4 Programs settings and 3 winding modes.

Wolf Heritage Single Watch Winder - This quality Wolf single winder features a patented rotation program that mimics the natural movement as if the watch is on your wrist. It will run on AC or battery power.

Brookstone Single Watch Winder - The Brookstone winder is popular with customers for its functionality, design and price. It is suitable to a large number of watch brands and runs almost silently.

The Heiden Monaco Single Watch Winder offers an exceptional value and versatility for anyone who owns one or two high-end luxury watches. Buyers agree that the quality construction and quiet, dependable operation is at least equal to that of other more expensive watch winders. Quiet operation lets them place their watch inside and forget it until they want to wear it again.

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