How to Purchase a Watch Winder

Get the Perfect Watch Winder

Purchasing a winder for your watch is an activity that should always be undertaken with care. There are many different types of winders available these days and when there is too much choice, purchasing can become more difficult than it needs to be. A good watch winder should have a programmable movement that is of sufficient quality to complement the operation of your quality automatic watch. It is also worth noting that price really does matter when it comes to choosing the best watch winder. Of course, if you have a cheap watch, then it won’t matter as much if the winder causes the watch to malfunction.

Develop Your Criteria Watch Winder

The best way to approach purchasing a winder is to develop some criteria that will suit both your budget and your watches. Your criteria should also include some time to read reviews. Evaluate your watches as a starting point, taking into account their quality and size. Some watch winders run on AC power as well as batteries, while others will operate with one or the other. If you are intending to take the winder with you when you travel, it will be necessary to evaluate its portability in relation to your luggage requirements. If you travel a lot, you might want to consider a specific winder for traveling and another one for when you are at home.


Cost will form part of your criteria, in relation to the quality of your watches. If you have paid $10,000 for a fine watch, you will not want to risk damaging it in a $100 watch winder. The reverse also applies of course. You should be aware that a watch winder can also be a handmade item with a quality programmable movement as well as a hand lacquered finish, designed to be an object of art in itself. The cost of this type of watch winder is in keeping with high end watches.

Single, Double or Quadruple

The number of watches the winder can accommodate should also form part of your criteria because you can choose to wind more than one watch at a time. It is also possible to purchase winders that have been designed to accommodate large, heavy watches, as well as those that are smaller and more delicate. If you match watches with various sets of clothes, you will likely need a watch winder that can wind multiple watches at the same time.

Always Consider Customer Experiences

Watch winder reviews are available on Amazon and it is also worth checking the website of the manufacturer as well. Customers will readily document their experiences with a particular product, especially if it was less than stellar. Also, customers who truly value an expensive watch will generally be happy to share the positives and negatives of a winder with others.

This is good if you are considering purchasing because you will be made aware of any performance aspects to be wary of. You will soon learn to distinguish between genuine customer opinions and those who expect high performance and quality from a lowly priced winder. In this sense, watch winder reviews are invaluable.

The best watch winder will be one that complements the quality, size and movement of your watches. After you have established your criteria, you will be free to start the search for your time piece winder of choice. Watch winder reviews from existing customers will provide you with real time information regarding functionality and performance, as well as commentary on specific features. After working through the above and doing your due diligence, the process of how to go about purchasing a winder will be relatively straightforward. You can feel confident that you will have selected the best watch winder for your watches.

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