Heiden Double Watch Winder
Heiden Double Watch Winder

The Heiden Double Watch Winder in black leather with white stitching is an attractive yet functional item that can apply rotational and directional settings to each watch. This dual winder comes with a power adaptor but can also be used with a battery pack, which is available as a separate purchase.

This Heiden model has three directional settings for each winder and four rotational settings ranging from 650-1850 TPDs. It is suitable for accommodating large, oversized watches across a variety of brands and is considered to be a fairly advanced dual winder.

The exterior is made from high-quality leather, along with a glass front display area. It contrasts well with the gray velvet interior and can provide an attractive addition to any décor.

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Features of the Heiden Double Watch Winder

Design – A dual watch winder with separate settings for each watch
Power – is powered by a 120-220V power adapter that is included and additional flexibility included with the D sized battery compartments
Interior – is gray velvet and features soft watch pillows
Directional Settings – there are three, being clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional. Each of the two winders has these settings and each can be set differently to accommodate each watch.
Turns Per Day – there are four different TPDs settings (650-950-1250-1850). Again, each winder can be set separately.
Materials – high quality leather exterior with white stitching. The display top is glass for easy viewing. The interior is velvet.


1 x AC Power adaptor
1 x Dual watch winder

Tip – if you choose to use the battery pack, set the winders to the minimum setting to conserve battery power


Measures: 5 x 9.2 x 7.8 inches
Weighs: 5.3 pounds
Item No: HD10-leather
Warranty: Manufacturer 1 Year Warranty
Instruction manual / Settingshttps://www.heidenwatchwinders.com/manuals/heiden_hd010.pdf

Heide Double Watch Winder Interior
Heide Double Watch Winder Interior

What’s Great About the Heiden Double Watch Winder?

  • Runs very quietly, almost silent
  • High quality winder
  • Watches fit securely on pillow mount and remain secure while rotating
  • Looks attractive
  • Good for large watches
  • Plenty of rotational and directional settings
  • Has separate controls for rotations and directions
  • Can apply different settings for each watch at the same time
  • Option battery pack is available for separate purchase
  • Flexibility to keep it in your closet with the battery if you don’t want it to be seen

What’s Not So Great

  • A few customers had issues with the winders not working out of the box and stripped screws, but these are in the minority

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This popular Heiden double-winder has quite a few customer reviews, and they give it an excellent rating. Things they like about it include its almost silent operation, sleek appearance, build quality, ability to run on a battery pack if desired, and the ability to use different rotational settings for each watch. Customers also feel it was a better product than other cheaper winders on the market.

A few of customers feel the quality was poor, however this was not the case for the majority of users. To read more about what customers have to say, you can read their reviews here.


The Heiden Winder is available from Amazon, and you can check for the latest online price here. Customers were impressed with the quality of this dual-watch winder and liked the option to purchase a battery pack to go with it to increase the versatility of the winder. Based on customer feedback, we recommend this Heiden watch winder based on its reasonable price, experience, and customer reviews.

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