Heiden Grand Quad Watch Winder Review

heiden grand watch winder
Heiden Grand

The Heiden Grand Quad Watch Winder has proven to be a popular choice for those seeking a quality four watch winder. Customers have commented on the quality of the product and believe it to be comparable with far more expensive winders. Aside from impeccable performance, we believe the Heiden winder is a good value for the money.

The winder is automatic and can hold four watches, the direction and turns of which can be programmed separately. An LCD screen on the top of the unit provides the means by which you can select and set your desired settings. The winder runs silently which is a popular feature for those who favor keeping their automatic watches running when not in use. Valuable watches can safely be left inside the winder then be found in perfect working order when required.

Heiden watch winders are tested for use with major automatic watch brands and can be used with the included power adaptor or batteries. In addition to functionality, performance and price, we are impressed with the elegant presentation of the winder, being black with a glossy finish. If you are looking for a well-constructed multi watch winder, the Heiden Grand is the perfect combination of the major elements customers seek in such a device.

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Features of the Heiden Grand Winder

  • Design – a quality winder capable of winding four separate watches
  • Directional Settings – there are three available (clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bi-directional) so as to provide choice for the user and to also ensure that all major watch brands are suitable to use within the winder
  • Turns Per Day – also known as TPD, these are as follows: 650-950-1250-1850. These are considered to be the necessary settings to ensure the winder can effectively service most watch brands as well as ensure peak performance from both watch and winder.
  • Appearance – is elegant with the exterior featuring a gloss finish in black. This is complemented by an interior finish in leather, also in black.
  • Glass Display – this is a clear glass feature that sets off both interior and exterior finishes providing an aesthetically pleasing ambience for the user
  • Programming – each winder has a 2 switches for easy programming of direction and TPD and are set separately for individual watch requirements.
  • Lockable – an inbuilt lock and key are provided to ensure security for you valuable watches
  • Power – AC adapter (110-220V) is included with the winder.
Heiden Grand Top View


  • Measures: 8.5 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Item No: HD18-BLACK
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty
  • Manufacturer: Heiden Watch Winders

What’s Great About the Grand Quad Watch Winder?

  • Runs silently
  • Settings are easy to use
  • Quality winder
  • Works as it is meant to
  • Four separate Japanese motors can be set individually
  • Attractive finish – black or cherrywood
  • Excellent standard of construction
  • Watches are held in position by a spring mechanism rather than a ‘pillow’ system
  • Grey velvet interior finish
  • Can be locked

What’s not so Great

  • There have been reviews that state all four winders operating at once was a little noisy however, other customers refuted this.  Our unit was as quiet as a mouse.

Customer Feedback

At the time of writing, customers that had left feedback regarding the Heiden Grand and their reviews of the product is reflected in the slightly above average ratings. We like its silent operation, attractive appearance, ability to lock the cabinet, extra storage as well as its overall quality and operational performance. We were also impressed with how easy it was to use the various settings. To read more about what customers that purchased had to say you can find their reviews here.


The Heiden Grand Quad Watch Winder is available online at Amazon and you can find the latest price for it here. Most customers felt they received value for their money with the purchase. Some had issues with the winder after a year or two. All agreed it has a very pleasing appearance. Based on our experience and customer feedback we would recommend caution regarding purchase of this winder.

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