CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder Review

The CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder is an attractive case made from wood with a high gloss hand applied lacquer to suit those with discerning taste. It also has a transparent window so you can admire your expensive watches within its elaborate setting. 

It comes with an impressive list of features including an LCD display screen via which customizable settings may be programed for each individual watch. It is also powered by direct connection to an AC outlet and consequently does not have the option to be powered by batteries.

The unit also features a dual motor system which is belt driven and runs almost silently with the benefit of having a motor for each watch. Each watch can be set individually for turns-per-day (TPD) in the following increments: 650-900-1350-1800. Directional settings include clockwise, counter-clockwise, as well as bidirectional winding. These winding options will help maintain the lifespan of your watches.

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With regard to the size of your watches, the CHIYODA Double Watch Winder has adjustable pillows so that both large and small watches are easily accommodated while the large viewing window allows you to watch the winding process, as well as protect you watches from moisture and dust. If you find yourself spending large amounts of time watching your watches being wound, you probably need to get out a bit more.

Front view of Chiyoda double winder

        CHIYODA Front View

Why Buy the Product

This is not a case of being too lazy to wind your own watch, even though at first glance it might seem as though it is to some people. The truth of it is that expensive watches have quality mechanisms and they in turn, require precision winding to keep the mechanism in pristine working order. Manual winding just doesn’t do it as well.

Who Should Buy this Product

Those with expensive quality watches would do well to purchase a quality watch winder for the reasons expressed in this article. Less expensive watches don’t necessarily warrant the expense of a watch winder as their mechanisms are not of the quality of the more expensive watches – though for convenience and since this is a reasonably priced winder you may want to indulge.

Do it Yourself or Use this Product

In this instance, it is clear that using a watch winder or winding manually are both options. However, given that the owner of an expensive watch will generally wish to prolong the watches' life, as well as keeping it in optimum working order, the watch winder wins hands down. It will keep the mainsprings of your watch fully wound, a job that manual winding cannot do as well.

What Customers say about the Product

For the most part, customers like the CHIYODA Double Watch Winder. It's quiet, has a pleasing external appearance and appears to have a high quality build. We like the independent settings for each watch and are appreciative of it accommodating both large and small watches. Even though the winder is not entirely silent, we found it to be very quiet.

Customers also considered this watch winder to be excellent value and found it easy to set up and use. Some also felt it was worth placing in view of friends even though this is not a function feature of the winder. Presumably this relates to the quality of the winder, the plush interior and the high gloss woodgrain case.

On a more technical note, one customer is noted to appreciate the improved accuracy of his watches due to the mainsprings being kept fully wound courtesy of the watch winder.

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Does the Product have any Minor Downsides?

Yes, although it is not a deal breaker. This watch winder does not have the option to run on batteries. It is AC power only and the slightest interruption to power to the unit will result in the necessity to re-program the winder.

If you live in an area where power outages are frequent, constantly re-programing your winder could lead to frustration. After all, one of the reasons for purchasing a watch winder in the first place is to automate the business of winding your watches.

Are Competing Products worth Consideration?

The answer to this is always a resounding yes as marketplace competition makes the world go around. In the case of watch winders, the following will do the job admirably and provide suitable alternatives.

CHIYODA Single Watch Winder - The single winder version of this CHIYODA double winder with the same features.

JQUEEN Double Watch Winder - An attractive double watch winder that is reasonably priced similar in features to the CHIYODA. 

CHIYODA Double Watch Winder - This is a new contemporary design with the same features with a stacked winder design.

The CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder is a must have item for those who value their expensive watches and desire to keep them in pristine working order for as long as possible. Customers have given their seal of approval in relation to price and functionality, so based on their informative feedback we are pleased to recommend it.

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