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Diplomat Phantom Watch Winder Review

Diplomat Phantom Watch Winder
Diplomat Phantom Watch Winder

The Diplomat Phantom LED Lit Wood 6 Watch Winder is ideal for anyone who has up to six watches that require automatic winding. Watch aficionados will also appreciate that storage for an additional seven watches is also provided with the unit. So if you have a large watch collection, this is the unit for you. It also has LED lights should you want to take advantage of the ability to watch your watches being wound and of course, the lights can be turned off for sleeping.

Aside from the attractive glossy appearance of the unit, functionality and performance are all important. In this, the Diplomat does not disappoint. It comes with the Smart Internal Bi-Directional Timer Control to ensure your watches are always wound and ready for you to use at your leisure. With four different timer sequences available to choose from, you can easily control the winding of your watches.

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Features of the Diplomat Phantom Watch Winder

  • Design – a six watch electronic watch winder
  • Motor – is a Japanese Mabuchi motor noted for its quiet operation
  • Power – is supplied by 100-240v adaptor which is included and ensures the unit is powered for optimum performance
  • Number of Watches Wound – the unit can wind up to six watches at the one time so is ideal for anyone who needs a winder for more than a couple of watches
  • LED Lights – thirty three are built in to the unit and can be turned on and off independently of the winding function. This enables you to see what is happening while you watches are being wound while turning off the lights during sleeping.
  • Shape – is rectangular for optimum performance and capacity
  • Security – a small key is provided should you need to lock the case
  • Color – black band and dial
  • Length – suitable for unisex watches
  • Storage – there is space available for seven additional watches
  • Box Material – wood with a quality finish applied
  • Interior Material – black leatherette
  • Band Material – synthetic leather
  • Dial Window – acrylic
  • Exterior Finish – is a high gloss black piano finish and looks very stylish

 Timer Sequences

  • First – unit is off
  • Second – winder will rotate clockwise for two minutes then rest for six minutes
  • Third – winder will rotate counter-clockwise for two minutes then rest for six minutes
  • Fourth – winder will rotate clockwise for two minutes, rest for six minutes then rotate counter-clockwise for two minutes then rest for six minutes
  • Fifth – winder will rotate clockwise for five minutes then counter-clockwise for five minutes

The sequence repeats for three hours followed by resting for nine hours and it is important to note that individual turntables are able to be set independently.

Specifications for the Diplomat Phantom

diplomat phantom open case
Diplomat Phantom open case

Measures: 19 x 10.5 x 8.8 inches
Weighs: 12.2 pounds
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

What’s Great about the Diplomat Phantom Watch Winder?

  • Runs very quietly
  • Attractive appearance
  • Comes with excellent protective packaging
  • Includes storage for additional seven watches that are not in need of winding
  • Construction is of high quality
  • Features multiple speed modes and alternating direction winding options

What’s Not so Great

  • a 1000 TPD “Clockwise” setting that is optimal for Valjoux 7750’s is missing

Customer Feedback and Reviews

At the time of writing, customers that had left feedback for the Diplomat Phantom Watch Winder rated it as an excellent purchase. Things they liked about it included its quiet operation, pleasing appearance, professional construction, watch storage and multiple speed modes. To read more about what customers had to say, you can read their reviews here.


The Diplomat Phantom Watch Winder is available on Amazon and you can find their latest price for it here. With the exception of a couple of customers, the greater majority of users had nothing but praise for the Diplomat Winder. They were pleased with its performance and functionality which met requirements they were seeking in a watch winder. Based on customer feedback, we are happy to recommend it.

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