Heiden Single Watch Winder Review

Heiden prestige watch winder

If you are looking for single watch winders, the Heiden Watch Winder is an automatic winder that could meet your needs. It is an attractive yet highly functional piece that will also add an element of grace to your dresser. This is a new winder by Heiden and customers love its functionality, performance and looks.

If you don't wear your watch on weekends, you need only place it in the winder on Friday evening and you will find it automatically wound and reading the correct time and date on Monday morning.

This Heiden winder is considered to be one of the most advanced you are likely to find. With one winder, it comes with three directional settings and also has fifteen turns per day settings that can accommodate a variety of popular automatic watch brands and models.

​​​​Features of the Heiden Watch Winder

Design – a classical design single winder from Heiden
Motor – will perform in a clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional manner so as to accommodate a variety of watch brands
Settings – these are referred to as ‘turns per day’ settings and there are 15 in total. These range from 650 to 3600 TPDs. Again, the benefit of these advanced settings is that a wide variety of watch types, brands and models can be easily accommodated.
Color – Cherry
Power Adapter – is included


Measures: 5.1 x 5.5 x 8.5 W in
Weighs: 3.6 pounds
Item No: HD009-CHERRY
User manual / Settingshttps://www.heidenwatchwinders.com/manuals/heiden_hd009.pdf

What’s Great About the Heiden Single Winder?

  • Sleek, classic style
  • Excellent performance
  • Perfect for using overnight and particularly weekends
  • Operates silently
  • Will keep your watch running perfectly between times when you wear it
  • High build quality
  • Very easy to use
  • Will keep your watch to an accurate time
  • Attractive addition to your dresser

What’s Not so Great

  • Tiny noise in the winding cradle as it rotates
  • Large watch bands don't work well in the cradle

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Reviews for the Heiden Single Winder are excellent for a winder in this price range. Things customers liked about it included its appearance, excellent build quality, ease of use, functionality and performance. They also felt it was reasonably priced considering its quality. There were a few customers that had issues with the winder not working initially. An alternative to the Heiden is one of the Wolf Designs models that is known for quality and Wolf customer service is exceptional. To read more about what customers had to say about the Heiden winder, you can read their reviews here.

The Heiden  Single Watch Winder is available online and is usually competitively priced. To check out the latest price on Amazon, you can find it here. Many of the customers rated the Heiden with excellent reviews, but there are few customers that had issues using the winder. This is a more recent model from Heiden and we haven’t had a chance to review it long term so read what other customers have to say online.

Based on the recent feedback from the some customers and our experience, our recommendation is a buy for this winder.

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Heiden Monaco Single Watch Winder Review

The Heiden Monaco Single Watch Winder is a feature-rich, modern luxury that delivers quality performance. Some features, like the multiple TPD settings and variable direction settings make Heiden the standard in watch winders. It offers the convenience of battery or AC adapter operation and works almost silently so it doesn’t intrude on your peace and quiet.

The Monaco is made from high quality materials including cross stitched leather, a soft watch pillow, and soft gray linen on the interior that give the watch winder an elegant look. It works with either small or large wristbands. The watch winder implements the latest Japanese Mabuchi Motor and Gear design with zero magnetization to prevent damage to your watches.

Monaco Single Watch Winder

Heiden Monaco Single Watch Winder

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The Heiden Monaco has multiple settings with four turns-per-day at 650-950-1250, and 1850. The watch winder also has three direction settings including clockwise, counter clockwise or both. Combined, these settings provide twelve different setting combinations. The winder winds for approximately one minute before resting for 6.5 to 19 minutes. By not turning continuously, the watch winder doesn’t over-wind your watch.

Why Buy the Heiden Monaco Single Watch Winder

The Heiden brand offers a quality of design that other companies have tried and failed to duplicate. The features of the Monaco make it ideal for high-end watches that you don’t want to damage. The watch winder keeps your luxury watches wound and reduces wear and the need for repairs. Put your watch into the Heiden Monaco and leave it. When you’re ready to wear it again, everything will be as you left it, no resetting the time and date.

Heide Monaco - cover open
Heide Monaco - watch pillow
Heiden Monaco - Back Cover
Heiden Monaco - battery compartment

Who Should Buy This Product?

Anyone who cares about their luxury watch and wants to preserve the quality will benefit from the Monaco single watch winder. Keeping an automatic watch running keeps the inner workings   well-lubricated. This reduces the occurrence of repairs and extends the life of the watch. Even keeping up regular maintenance on high-end watches isn’t enough to improve durability.

The watch winder offers high-end quality at an affordable price. The Monaco provides a better selection of features and performance than similar products that cost a lot more.

Wind Yourself or Use This Product

Wearing your watch will keep it wound without the use of a watch winder. For watch enthusiasts with more than one automatic watch, this is virtually impossible. Some watch winders turn continuously, actually causing damage instead of preventing it. The Heiden Monaco takes care of your luxury watches when wearing them isn’t appropriate or when you’re wearing another one from your collection. 

Read customer reviews online

What Customers Say about the Monaco

Most customers rate the watch winder high for its versatility, performance, and quiet operation. The Japanese construction offers quality performance, durability, and quiet operation.

Customers like the versatility the watch winder offers and the various features they can adjust to meet their individual needs. The box holds average to oversized watches including the modern styles that don’t fit in standard watch winders. Dual powered operation lets you run the watch winder with two D-size batteries for up to three months or you can opt to use the AC adaptor. You never have to worry about a gap in operation because the batteries go dead.

The Heiden watch winder comes with a full 1-Year Warranty from the date of purchase. Customers appreciate the exceptional value and the high quality construction at an affordable price.

Does the Heiden have any Minor Downsides?

The watch winder isn’t compatible with Seiko Kinetic Watches. However, these watches are not recommended for use with any watch winder because of the difference in the watch mechanism from traditional automatic movement watches.

Another minor downside reported by a few customers is the short power cord. Most find that it is the ideal length to place the watch winder on a table or shelf near a power outlet. Also, people with really small wrists find the Monaco is a little too large to accommodate their watches. The watch winder adjusts to fit watches of average to large size.

A single watch winder is not the best choice for watch enthusiasts who own multiple automatic watches. If you need multiple winding capabilities, you can purchase a larger watch winder or multiple units.

Are Competing Products worth Consideration?

Watch winders have been on the market for nearly as long as self-winding watches. There are many styles and brands available at a broad range of price points. Here are a few we can recommend:

CHIYODA Single Watch Winder - quality build featuring a wooden case and an acrylic organic glass display that permits viewing of your quality watch. This inexpensive winder features 4 Programs settings and 3 winding modes.

Wolf Heritage Single Watch Winder - This quality Wolf single winder features a patented rotation program that mimics the natural movement as if the watch is on your wrist. It will run on AC or battery power.

Brookstone Single Watch Winder - The Brookstone winder is popular with customers for its functionality, design and price. It is suitable to a large number of watch brands and runs almost silently.

The Heiden Monaco Single Watch Winder offers an exceptional value and versatility for anyone who owns one or two high-end luxury watches. Buyers agree that the quality construction and quiet, dependable operation is at least equal to that of other more expensive watch winders. Quiet operation lets them place their watch inside and forget it until they want to wear it again.

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CHIYODA Single Watch Winder Review

chiyoda watch winder

The [New Version] CHIYODA Single Watch Winder is a quality handmade piece with an appearance to match. Customers are appreciative of its quality build featuring a wooden case and an acrylic organic glass display that permits viewing of your quality watch. The glass is highly transparent, does not scratch or break and compliments the quality of the overall design. The case has a stylish finish too, featuring Piano baking varnish which provides a high gloss finish.

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A watch winder is a device that provides a mechanical solution to physically winding a watch and replicates the motion of your wrist for self-winding automatic watches. It ensures your watch stays running when you are not wearing it. Two important advantages of using a watch winder, is that the watch will remain in top running condition while stored and the case  provides an effective method of dust-proofing. It is also worth noting that daily winding is essential to keep high quality watches in excellent working condition.

The motor in the Chiyoda is Japanese and customers are ecstatic at its quietness while running. It runs by way of a provided AC adapter as well as having the option to use battery power if you so choose.

Features of the CHIYODA Watch Winder

  • Design – A quality, handmade, Japanese single watch winder
  • Motor – is a Japanese MABUCHI and belt driven. It runs quietly with no noise.
  • Footprint - 13 x 12.8 x 15 cm. The design is vertical to assist with saving space.
  • Watch Pillow - The pillow is adjustable to fit different-sized watch bands for versatility
  • Program Settings – There are four available: Mode 1 (1440/TPD), 6mins clockwise, rest for 30 minutes, repeatable. Mode 2 (1440/TPD), 6 minutes counter clockwise, rest for 30 minutes, then repeated. Mode 3 (5760/TPD), 20 minutes clockwise, rest for 10 minutes, then 20 minutes counter clockwise, rest for 10 minutes, then repeated. Mode 4 (2152/TPD), 10 minutes clockwise, 10 minutes counter clockwise, repeated for three hours, rest for nine hours, then repeated. Plenty of choices to suite a variety of watches.
  • Winding Modes – There are three, being clockwise, counter clockwise and automatic bidirectional. These ensure the accuracy of the turns per day and the rotating position.
  • Finish – is a deluxe piano baked varnish resulting in a high-gloss lacquer finish.
  • Body – is high quality solid wood. The high-gloss finish gives the case an elegant look that is unique while maintaining a compact footprint.
  • Power – can be operated using regular power or batteries. A 100-120v AC Adapter is included however 2 x 1.5V batteries will need to be purchased separately. The adapter should always be removed if you choose to use batteries.

Tip - this winder will not wind Seiko Kinetic watches

Specifications for the CHIYODA Winder

Measures: 5.1 x 5 x 5.9 inches
Weighs: 2.9 pounds
Warranty: One Year

What’s Great About the CHIYODA Single Watch Winder?

Chiyoda watch winder back view

  • Runs extremely quietly
  • Small footprint
  • Has four programmable settings
  • Has three winding modes - clockwise, counter clockwise and a combination of both
  • Very affordable compared to other quality winders
  • Excellent quality, with an attractive polished finish
  • Constructed of high quality materials
  • Exceptional performance
  • Pleasing design
  • Has a variegated cherry-wood veneer on the case
  • Winder is handmade
  • Completely exceeds expectations.
  • Easy to operate
  • Velvet pillow inside holds the watch securely
  • Uses two batteries or an AC adapter
  • Ensures your watch keeps perfect time

What’s Not so Great

  • Some customers think the TPD (turns per day) is too high
  • Motor is quiet at first, but gets noisy after a period of months
  • Will not accommodate thick/large watches. Watch may come in contact with the glass

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This is a popular winder and many customers have outstanding feedback for the CHIYODA Winder and rated it accordingly, which is exceptional. Things they like about it include its quiet operation, quality, value for money, four programmable settings and easy to use functionality. Customers are also impressed with the way their watches kept perfect time after using the winder. Some customers have experienced issues with the motor getting noisy after a period of months, the TPD may be too high for some watches and thick/large watches may touch the glass because of clearance issues. To read more customer feedback, you can read all the reviews here.

The CHIYODA Single Watch Winder is available from online retailers and you can find the latest price for it here. Most customers were more than a little impressed with this winder, from its handmade quality through to its quiet, easy operation. Many customers believed the price was too low for a device of such high quality and would have happily paid more for it. Though most customers overwhelming like this winder, please read reviews before making a decision. Based on our experience and those of many customers, we rate this as a buy.

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Wolf Roadster Module 2.7 Single Watch Winder Review

Wolf Roadster single watch winder
WOLF Roadster 2.7 Single Watch Winder

If you have a high end luxury watch and need a watch winder, you can’t look past the quality of the Wolf Roadster winder. It is the ideal winder for treasured watches and its quality extends to its appearance, in addition to the high performance multi directional winding mechanism.

It can be operated via battery power or an AC adapter so can be used traveling as required. Storage is provided in the top of the winder which can accommodate three more watches waiting to be wound. The box is solid timber and has other attractive accruements to complement its quality, sturdy build and winding mechanism.

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Features of the WOLF Roadster Watch Winder

  • Design – a stylish single luxury watch winder
  • Rotations – progress in increments from 300v-1200 turns per day resulting in a choice of 57 program settings. A countdown of remaining rotations in the daily cycle can be observed via the LCD screen if desired.
  • Watch Cuff – features a lock-in mechanism which also accommodates larger watches such as those greater than 10 inches. The watch cuff locks securely to the winder drum. The secure fit ensures the safety and good care of an expensive watch.
  • Turns – three options are included for ultimate flexibility. They are clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional for good winding care of your watch.
  • LCD – is backlit and the screen comes on when you touch the control knobs or the chrome plate. Once activated it stays lit for approximately 10 seconds, ensuring ease of use.
  • Appearance – is attractive with ebony Macassar wood veneer on the faceplate. Glass and chrome are also featured to provide a quality appearance that matches the quality of the winding mechanism..
  • Storage – three additional watches can be stored in the top of the winder at the same time as one is being wound, effectively housing up to four watches
  • Power – runs on AC power (3.3V) and an adapter is included. For versatility, the winder also runs on 2 x D-cell batteries. These must be purchased separately.


  • Frame – handcrafted wood
  • Control Panel – polished chrome
  • Finish – supple black pebble
  • Viewing Window – tempered glass
  • Faceplate – exotic ebony Macassar wood veneer
  • Clasp, Lock & Key – polished chrome
  • Gears – nylon


Wolf Roadster 2.7 single watch winder - storage
WOLF Roadster storage
  • Measures: 8 x 7.8 x 9 inches
  • Weighs: 6.6 pounds
  • Item No: 457156
  • Warranty: Two year warranty

What’s Great About the WOLF Roadster?

  • High quality materials and workmanship
  • Suited for use with luxury watches
  • Has storage for three additional watches
  • Silent movement
  • Sturdy build
  • 6 to 72 hour delay setting to prevent over-winding
  • Can be used with batteries or a power adaptor
  • Clockwise, counterclockwise or bi-directional winding available
  • Easy to program and operate
  • Stylish appearance
  • Quality and luxury evidenced by performance and price

What’s Not so Great

  • Large in size – Much larger than most single watch winders, however most of additional space is required for the extra storage, which I consider a plus.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

After reviewing all aspects of the WOLF Roadster Single Watch Winder we rate this exceptional winder with a 4.8 out of 5 stars. Things we like about it include its quality, appearance, performance, silent operation and quality. Customers who purchased the single winder were in agreement too, about the overall quality of the watch winder and were happy to pay for it. To read more about what customers have to say about the WOLF Watch Winder, you can read their reviews on Amazon here.

The WOLF Roadster Watch Winder is available online through Amazon and you can see the latest price on Amazon. Customers were impressed with the quality and performance of the unit and even though it is expensive, they felt it was a quality investment for their valued timepieces. Based on review and customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend it as a quality product.

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Orbita Tourbillon One Watch Winder Review 

Orbitron Single Watch Winder
Orbitron Single Watch Winder

The Orbita Tourbillon One Watch Winder is a single watch winder with a very modern look. It is a little different from more traditional looking watch winders as it is made from 3/8” heavy glass crystal rather than wood. Aside from the modern look, this automatic watch winder has all the features you would expect from a high-end watch winder.

The Orbita Tourbillon has an accurate quartz-based mechanism and an indicator that shows the revolutions per day as they are counted on the LED display. The counter resets automatically each night at midnight and you can set the time with push-button controls, as well as a variety of programmable flash rates. You can turn the flashing lights off though for sleeping. The glass enclosure is open on two sides so that you can attach the power cord at the back as well as have easy access to the drum. The see through glass enclosure also allows you to see the winder in action.

Features of the Orbita Tourbillon

Design – a modern looking single watch winder set in an enclosure of crystal glass

Lighted Displays – 4 x LED displays. The flashing display can be turned off

Digital Clock Display – this remains on all the time and will show the current time. If you prefer complete dark for sleeping, you may need to cover the box at night.

Mechanism – is a very accurate quartz-based mechanism that features 12-hour time across AM and PM

Controls – are push button for setting the time as well as clearing out the register that records the turns or revolutions per day

Power – a power supply is required and an AC/DC adapter for 110/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz is supplied for this purpose. A 7-foot cord is also included.

Open Sides – 2 sides of the box are open so that accessing the drum is quite easy and the open back also allows access for the power cord.


Brand: Orbita – made in the US
Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 inches
Weighs: 4 pounds
Item No: W35001
Warranty: 2 Year Warranty with the option to purchase a paid warranty extension for an additional year

What’s Great About the Orbita Tourbillon One Watch winder?Orbita Tourbillion One_1

  • Modern retro look
  • Easy to use
  • Tourbillon function
  • Reputable manufacturers
  • Time and number of revolutions are displayed
  • Can be programmed
  • Quiet
  • Sturdy construction
  • Has a heavy solid feel
  • Keeps watches perfectly wound
  • Can watch the device turning through the glass
  • 2 sides are open to provide easy access to the drum

What’s Not so Great

  • Digital clock light remains on
  • Needs AC power to run

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Just a few customers have left reviews for this exclusive automatic watch winder and give it an average rating. The consensus of customers agreed that the Orbita Tourbillon is a special product and they clearly appreciated the technology that has been brought into play. They liked its modern look and precision performance as well as being able to program it. One customer received a winder that was incomplete and decided to return the winder rather than wait for the parts.

One customer was a little skeptical about the box having two open sides, however further investigation proved that one open side is needed for power cord access and the two together make it easy to access the drum when you want to place your watch on the winder. To read more about what customers had to say, you can read their reviews here.

The Orbita Tourbillon One Watch Winder is available from online retailers and you check the price for it here, you will soon see this is a very high-quality single watch winder. The customers who left reviews appreciated the exclusive qualities of the Orbita Tourbillon and were impressed with its performance. Based on customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend it to you.

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