kendal double watch winder review

Anyone looking for a dual watch winder might like to consider the Kendal Double Automatic Wood Watch Winder as a competitively priced option. It will keep your watches fully wound so they are always ready to use. Connoisseurs of fine watches will appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into the sixty day construction process, part of which includes a hand polished high quality gloss finish to the solid cherry wood exterior.

The dual winder runs very quietly and is powered by an AC adapter however it can also run on two AA batteries if required. The winder includes a storage compartment for three additional watches and the entire unit can be locked if necessary. This is a traditional looking wooden watch winder that will complement any bedroom decor.

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Features of the Kendal Watch Winder

Design – a winder for winding two watches simultaneously, ensuring flexibility and versatility in managing the winding process

Finish – a high gloss finish produced by hand polishing

Modes – there are 3 modes of fuzzy-logic computer controlled winding that you can select

Storage Compartment – there is a frontal compartment area where it is possible to store another three watches

Lock – the winder can be locked via a locking device if necessary and this is a benefit if you are travelling

Timer – winding is controlled by a computer controlled timer so that winding is always flawless

Base – can rotate so that accessing the watches is easy

Configurable Watch Retention Cushions – are provided to accommodate ladies and men’s watches

Motor – Quiet Japanese motor

Power – 2 C batteries are required or you can use the AC adapter that is included


Body – is solid cherry wood with a fine finish

Interior – is a high quality deluxe silsuede


Measures: 9.2 x 8 x 7 inches
Weighs: 6.5 pounds
Item No: W2+3cherry-a

Kendal double watch winder

What’s Great About the Kendal Double Watch Winder?

  • Runs very quietly
  • Battery option
  • Comes with multiple settings
  • Good quality
  • Has a high quality finish

What’s Not So Great

  • It is quite large

Customer Feedback and Reviews

At the time of writing, there were an exceptional number of reviews from customers for the Kendal Double Automatic Wood Watch Winder. We rate this winder with a 4 out of 5 stars. Features that customers liked about this double winder include its quality finish, the dual power option with AC adapter and batteries, as well as the fact that it runs very quietly. Some customers had scratched cases and some of their watches would not fit correctly. The remaining customers felt it is priced to reflect value for the money. To read more about what customers had to say, you can read their reviews here.

[su_box title="Recommendation" style="default" box_color="#333333" title_color="#FFFFFF" radius="3" class=""]The Kendal Double Automatic Wood Watch Winder is available on Amazon and you can check for the latest price here. Customers were generally impressed with this double watch winder and felt it was priced appropriately. Based on review and customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend this great looking watch winder.[/su_box]

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